According to Gamespot, unnamed sources within Siliconera state that two of the most popular fighters from Street Fighter 3 will be announced as coming to Street Fighter V soon. Alex and Urien were both absent in Street Fighter IV so the return of these characters could make a lot of fans very happy.

This report comes once again from Siliconera and has not been formally announced or confirmed by Capcom yet, stating only that they would have more info on the official line up for the upcoming game soon. This news however, isn’t completely far fetched s there may have been a couple of hints hidden in Street Fighter 4 such as this image showing Alex stating he will be back, that was only found by unlocking the game’s camera.

Street Fighter V’s beta will be hitting the PS4 on July 23rd and will have a total of 6 playable characters to test, so we can probably expect more about the full line up soon, possibly following the beta test.

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