Super Impossible Road: a game all about cheating. Kind of.

Impossible Road, the mobile predecessor to Super Impossible Road, was known to be extremely difficult to play. With the amount of racing games that we have, both realistic and kart, it seems a little unlikely that one game would give players huge amounts of difficulties.

Until you take away their breaks, acceleration, and no rubber banding from any of the AI. Super Impossible Roads courses take crazy twists, turns, and if you want to win, you better be ready to take ‘short cuts’ by falling off of the tracks to spot later on in the course.

Everyone knows that in the future, there will be no accelerator or brake, no cheap lead-stealing power-ups, and thanks to on-the-fly procedural generation of tracks, no race line memorization.

Super Impossible Road allows you to take control of small marble looking vehicles, which then begin their crazy descent. If you stay off of the track for more then 5 seconds, you’ll ‘respawn’ at the last gate that you past – so you need to make sure you remain on the track enough to pass gates. Or just don’t make a bad decision as to when you hop off.

Super Impossible Road puts a zany twist on the racing genre, and has just been announced for Playstation 4. The game will run at 1080p and 60FPS. Full details on the launch can be read on the Playstation Blog, and the trailer is found below.

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