Here we have the latest Lego creation from Youtube user, ZaziNombies: the Tomislav. The Tomislav is a community-created weapon mod from Team Fortress 2.

After listening to his fan’s reuqest, ZaziNombies recreated the Tomislav by building it entirely out of legos. The gun measures in at 42 and a half inches long, and weighs 1o pounds. Moreover, the Lego minigun is comprised of 2,500 Lego pieces, including specialty pieces like tank treads, wheels, and claws. The gun is so massive that certain parts had to be bolted together. Check out the video below to see all the details.

For more of ZaziNombies’ Lego creations, visit his Youtube channel. There you can find all sorts of cool Legos based off of Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and other popular game franchises.

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