And with the tease in the last blog post by Valve, the promised Immortal Treasures III has been blessed upon the many Dota 2 Compendium owners. The wait has been well worth it with several heroes receiving their specialized items with entirely new animations and effects. The latest update that contained the Immortal items also came with new color style upgrades to Frondillo the pet that came with the compendium when you hit level 50 with the Compendium.

This round of Immortal treasures include Bristleback’s back spikes with custom Quill Spray effects, Gyrocopter’s thrusters that changes Rocket Barrage’s effect; along with a golden rare variant, Witch Doctor’s cute monkey friend that changes Paralyzing Cask, Invoker’s hair that changes the look of his Wex, Quas, Exort and Sunstrike, Nature’s Prophet’s staff that changes his Teleportation ability, Meepo’s backpack which changes Poof’s effects and adds a soothing sound effect, Templar Assassin’s blades that change her Psi Blade and Meld effects and finally Zeus receives a bolt he walks around with in his hand that changes Lightning Bolt.

Here’s a look at the new Frondillo colors too! You receive the red color when you achieve level 125 with the Compendium and the golden color by luck for opening the Immortal chests. An evil ploy to make us desire it even more and add to the prize pool as it reaches $16 millions fairly soon.

To checkout what each effect looks like for the Immortal items you can check out the official Dota 2 TI Compendium page here along with lots of other details.

I got lucky with my first chest and got the Witch Doctor who I’m super excited to see got an Immortal! Long live Bonkers the Mad!

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