If there’s one thing that makes Uncharted hero and PlayStation stalwart – Nathan Drake – so recognisable is that he has consistently looked the same in all of the Uncharted iterations, despite the obvious ageing in his physical stature.

Much like Nolan North himself, Drake often opts for the ‘half-tuck’ look when he’s busy flirting with girls and running from explosions. One outfit fits all occasions. Naughty Dog has recently explained why.

“They talked a ton about Nathan Drake himself (in the original pitch for 2007’s Uncharted Drake’s Fortune),” Rohde recalled. “And there was a big deal about the un-tuck; the half-tuck. Back then, when [the Uncharted franchise] was just an idea, the half-tuck was a part of it all the time.”

In regard to young Nathan’s clothing in the early hours of Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, Rohde had this to say.

“There’s a reason he’s wearing that,” Rohde said. “It’s because, in the original prototype demos of Nathan Drake, he was wearing that shirt. That was going to be his main outfit–that three-quarter baseball tee…with the half-tuck.”

It’s fair to say that Nathan Drake is one of the most iconic PlayStation characters, in no small part thanks to his traditional garments.


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