With the new Rise of the Tomb Raider title being released this November, Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have announced a special series of posters starring none other than the star of the long-running series of games, Lara Croft. The first poster in the series shows Croft fighting a sizable pack of wolves on a cliff…and a bear.

Designed by comic book artist Geof Darrow, the first poster was meant to show the “tense woman versus wild” theme that the upcoming game is supposed to have. And I can believe that, considering the bear and wolves and the cliff.

If you want an autographed copy of the poster, you can pick one up at Comic Con; you might not get another chance to get it either, so if you’re there make the move to grab one!

The other 3 posters in the series will be released later. For now, enjoy the awesomeness of this one:

Look at this. Who wouldn't want this?

Look at this. Who wouldn’t want this?

Source: GameSpot

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