We are getting very close to the start of The International 5, and Valve have revealed the all of the information for the event’s schedule and how the prize pool will be distributed.  In terms of scheduling the wild card games will be played on July 26th, leading into the group stage games from the 27th July to the 30th.  The main event will take place from August 3rd and will conclude on the 8th.

The format for this years International will see the wild card teams playing in a double elimination groupstage.  The top two teams from this group will move onto the groupstage for The International 5.  The 16 teams in the competition will be placed into two groups, which can be seen below.  Every match will be played in a best-of-two format and the top four finishers will make their way into the winner bracket of the playoffs. The bottom four will play in the loser bracket.  Playoffs will feature a double elimination bracket. All the games bar the first round of the loser bracket (bo1) will be best-of-three while the grand final will be best-of-five.



The prize distribution has also been revealed by Valve.  The winner for the International 5 will receive $6,241,218 at the time of writing.  Second place will win $2,687,191, while third will take home $2,080,406.  You can see the full up-to-date prize distribution here.


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