The wild card bracket will decide which two teams progress to the finals of The International.  The teams which qualified for the wild card bracket are Team Archon, CDEC Gaming, Vega Squadron, and MVP.Phoenix battle.  These teams will compete on July 26th, starting at 9am PDT, for the final two invitations to The International.

The two groups for The International have also been revealed.  The group stage will determine the seeding for the knockout section of the competition.  Group stage games will take place over the course of four days.  Three games will be played simultaneously  and each one will be viewable on its own stream.  The Primary stream will have coverage of Series A games, with updates on the state of the groups between games.  The streams will start at 9am PDT every day from the 27th July to the 30th.

All of these games precede the Main Event, which will be taking place on Monday August 3rd.  Starting at 10am PDT, the Main Event will decide which teams make it to the Grand Final on Saturday, August 8th.  All coverage of the event can be found at The International site.



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