The first in a promised series of trailers showing off in-engine footage, the latest trailer from Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer introduces one of the ‘Legendary Lords’ that will be making his appearance in the game. Set in the fantasy world of Games Workshop’s table-top strategy Warhammer game, Total War: Warhammer is queued up to take a rather different path from the more historically centered focus of the rest of the franchise.

The trailer introduces Emperor Karl Franz, leader of the Empire, as he and his men wage war against the Greenskins. The Emperor is only one of multiple Legendary Lords that will be in the game for players to choose from. Explaining, Creative Assembly says, “Each [Legendary Lord] has a unique range of special abilities, weapons, armour, mounts and their own distinct narrative quest chain… The Battle of Black Fire Pass [the battle in the trailer] is one of Karl Franz’ unique quest battles.”

While no release date is set for the final game, along with the trailer, it was also announced that a full developer walkthrough of the same battle will be released on July 30th. What do you think of the first in-engine footage? Excited to rain magic down on a dragon in a Total War game? Let us know in the comments.

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