Back at E3 2015, Ubisoft seized the internet by its collective short and curlies with an explosive announcement trailer for its upcoming Trials Fusion DLC, Awesome Level Max.

The trailer featured a gun-toting cat riding a mythical uni-horned steed through a barren landscape with nothing but rainbows and explosions for company. While the trailer didn’t feature any aspects of gameplay, it did its job and piqued the interest of gamers everywhere. Today, however, Ubisoft have decided to share a little more info on the new Trails Fusion expansion with the release of a gameplay trailer.

The trailer shows the new riders in action, as well as some glimpses of the new challenges and tracks arriving alongside the Unicorn and Cat combo this July.

The pack will be available for download July 14th on PS4 and Xbox One or July 15th for PC users. It can also be bought as part of The Awesome Max Edition, which includes the new DLC, the base Trials Fusion game and all six previous DLC packs.


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