Comic Con is upon us and after years of waiting we’ll finally get a glimpse of what director Duncan Jones has been working on in the Warcraft movie. After originally being announced in 2006 and years of talks with Legendary Pictures, Blizzard’s flagship game is getting closer to it’s cinematic release. On Saturday July 11 the cast of the Warcraft movie will be on a panel to answer any and all questions and hopefully we’ll get a decent eye full of what’s in store in the film itself.

The story focuses on the conflict between the Horde and Alliance circa Orcs and Humans and Tides of Darkness, the first two instalments in the Warcraft universe. So there will be plenty of familiar faces from Durotan, played by Toby Kebbell, to Robert Kazinsky’s Orgrim Doomhammer, Ben Foster’s Medivh and so many more

The movie wrapped in May last year and so far it has been kept tightly locked away from the public eye with just a small handful of shots being released by Duncan Jones. Now that the majority of the post production is complete we can hope to see something pretty epic this weekend at Comic Con, so keep it here with Gamespresso to get all the news about it as it happens!

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