At the end of May, I wrote an article about my favourite League of Legends champions, and Heimerdigner was #10. His little turrets are annoying and you can literally stand there and do nothing and get kills.

Youtuber RossBoomsocks recently uploaded a video on why he hates Heimerdinger, and it pretty much sums up everyone’s thoughts on the yordle.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Heimerdinger isn’t the easiest of champions. My first game as him was in an ARAM and I was absolute rubbish. I would place his ulted turrets down when no enemy champions were around. But that comes down to not knowing the game. If you miss your stun or rockets, you’ve just wasted a bunch of mana, which could have been used on turrets.

Ross’ video on him really portrays what it’s like to lane against Heimerdinger and the frustrations that can arise from it. There’s really nothing worse than dying to a champion who technically didn’t even touch you.

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