Windows 10 is officially here. Microsoft’s newest operating system released today, and is free to those who have either Windows 7 or 8.

Windows 10 comes today with a slew new features. Some of those features include the Cortana voice assistant, an Xbox gaming app, a new browser named Edge, and more. Windows 10 also comes with DirectX 12 and access the Minecraft beta for Windows 10 (you can see details about that at the Mojang site).

Xbox One owners will be able to stream games from their system onto their PC through the free Xbox app. Streaming requires an Xbox One controller to be connected to the system, which at the moment can only be done via USB, though a wireless option is coming. The app also gives Xbox owners access to their friends, messages, achievements, and clips.

A big complaint for Windows 8 was the dropping of the basic start menu for the Metro system with live tiles. Windows fans may be happy to find that Windows 10 will be bringing back the start menu, mixing it with the flair of the live tiles from the Metro start menu. Apps now start up in their own resizable window instead of full screen only, with plenty of them being available at the Windows Store for free.

As part of a special offer, Windows 7 and 8 owners (there is no 9) can upgrade to Windows 10 for free during the first year of launch. Details on how to upgrade to the new operating system can be seen here.

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