According to a new survey conducted by GameStop and Survata, upwards of 92% of people have physical games in their possession that they do not play. This is an important distinction because it does not include those games you bought on the Steam Sale that you swore you were going to play.

Between the dates June 22 and June 24, a total of 400 people aged 25 to 54 responded to the online survey. The margin of error is said to be 4.79 percent.

They claim that, “One-third of those surveyed (33 percent) said they have between five and nine unused games lying around the house, while 38 percent said they have as many as 10 to 20 unused games.” They list these an potential explanations: “inertia–28 percent have considered trading in games at GameStop but haven’t gotten around to it ” and”27 percent … only [trading in] when they were motivated by empty wallets.”

This is problematic for the game retailer, as refurbished games constitute a large percentage of their profits. GameStop is still encouraging its famous “buy, sell, trade” motto for all customers and they hope to apply it to digital content as well.

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