Over an hour long footage of the upcoming Gears of War Ultimate Edition was posted up on MKIceAndFire’s youtube channel. The Gears of War Ultimate Edition is a remastering of the first game alongside various new additions. This version of the game will also retain some of the original features of the originally released 2006 title including original score and slightly tweaked voices.

For the majority of things, the game has been touched up in all the right places. This includes art assets, motion capture and animations, control schemes and general textures. As the video title suggests, you can find the entire walkthrough of the game on the youtube channel as it gets posted up.

Having not actually played any of the Gears of War games, I can definitely appreciate the polished remaster job that the Ultimate Edition has provided for the game. It’s definitely a great looking game and I wouldn’t be opposed to giving it a go. Gears of War Ultimate Edition will be out on the Xbox One on August 25th. A Windows 10 version was also announced during E3; however there is no solid release date yet.

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