Angry Birds fans have been graced with a sequel to the hit mobile game from Rovio. After a number of spin offs that matched Angry Birds with franchises such as Star Wars, Rio, and Transformers, as well as other games that changed the formula ever so slightly, Angry Birds now has an actual sequel.

Angry Birds 2 will have a few updates and changes made to distinguish it as a sequel. While the core gameplay still consists of you flinging different types of birds across a screen, there will also be the addition of boss battles to the game. These bosses will consist of bigger piggies that take a lot more damage and require a little more thought to take down.

The game is also graphically updated (as seen above) and completely free-to-play. From now on players won’t have to shell out to remove ads from popping up every five seconds, what this does mean however is gameplay that is somewhat built around the potential for in-app purchases. While in-app purchases were in previous games Angry Birds 2 has lives now. Once you use up all your lives you can either wait for them to recover or pay to keep playing.

As well as paying real money there is also an in-game currency: gems. These gems can be collected by completely new daily challenges or paying cold, hard, digital cash. The gems allow second chances, extra lives and the chance to grab spell cards for added destruction and mayhem.

Angry Birds 2 is out now on all mobile and tablets. The game releases with a range of levels to complete and developers Rovio intend to add more in time.

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