Earlier this week, Blizzard announced that they would be releasing dynamic bundles for Heroes of the Storm. Dynamics bundles are an update to the shop, which gives players more options when purchasing bundles.

Prior to the update, players could only purchase “static” bundles. Static bundle’s prices and content were inflexible so players had to pay a fixed price. This meant that many players missed out on specials or sales in order to avoid paying extra for heroes or skins they already owned.

To fix this problem, Blizzard decided to create dynamic bundles. Dynamic bundles are bundles that include three or more items, and give players the option to purchase bundles at a reduced cost if they own one of more items in the bundle. For example, lets say there is a Jim Raynor bundle (one of my favorite champs by the way) and it includes the Stars and Stripes skin. If a player already owns the Stars and Stripes skin, then that amount will be deducted from the bundle cost so players can get the other items without paying a penalty.


While dynamic bundles are an improvement, they do have their limitations. Two-item bundles–like hero release bundles– will still be static. In addition, bundles that include bonuses like stimpacks or bonus gold will remain the same price even if a player already has an active bonus.

Dynamic bundles are scheduled to be released in the next patch so keep an eye out for upcoming bundles.



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