Blizzard has recently registered a trademark for “Compete,” a service that will give users the tools to organize eSports tournaments. The trademark (found here), originally spotted by a savvy Reddit user, encompasses TeSPA Tournaments, a portal used during the Heroes of the Dorm tournament by Blizzard.

The “Compete” service appears to be transforming the TeSPA portal into an “online, non-downloadable application” for tournament hosts. The comprehensive service will purportedly allow users to “organize and promote e-sports tournaments, to create and customize tournament brackets and ladders, track tournament progress, maintain related statistics, and post results.”

For Blizzard fans, this is exciting news given the tournament heavy focus of many of their games. Popular candidates for the service are the mega-popular RTS StarCraft 2, their new MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and the collectible card game Hearthstone. For more on all things Blizzard, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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