According to Game Informer, Bungie will make some needed changes to Destiny’s economy in the latest expansion, The Taken King. These changes include modifications to materials, currency, and vendors.

Currently, Destiny only lets players earn materials for their specific classes. So Hadronic Essence can only be used to upgrade Warlock armor, Plasteel Plating for Titan armor, and Sapphire Wire for Hunter armor. With the update, materials are combined into ‘armor materials’ which can be used to upgrade armor in any class. That means it’s much easier to earn materials with a Titan to be used to upgrade a Hunter’s armor.

For multiplayer, Bungie is combining the types of currencies players earn in the game. Instead of earning separate marks for separate modes, Vanguard marks (cooperative) and Crucible marks (competitive) are now combined into Legendary marks which can be used towards purchasing legendary gear.

Bungie has already talked about changes coming to the Gunsmith, but now other vendors will get an update in The Taken King. Vendors will have kiosks scattered across the Tower and players can go up and interact with them. With the shader kiosk, players can pick up any shader they have already attained. If a player wants a shader they don’t currently have, the kiosk lets the player know what they need to do to get it.

Finally, Xur, the weekend vendor of exotic weapons and armor, has a new item in his inventory called the Three of Coins. This new item increases the chances of getting an exotic drop after a boss fight.

The Taken King launches September 15th and will bring with it lots of changes including new weaponsa level boost, and a mercy rule. Bungie has also explained why The Taken King is worth the $40 price tag.

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