The Taken King, Destiny’s newest expansion is coming out September 15th, 2015. The expansion will cost $40, and stray from vanilla Destiny’s story telling methods.

Bungie’s Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy, and Creative Director Luke Smith, sat down with Game Informer for a video interview. The new approach to story telling will take influence from Dark Below’s DLC, and you should expect to interact with some of the non playable characters (NPC’s) a lot more.

The idea behind interacting with the NPC’s has become popular in Action Role-playing games, with Mass Effect paving the way back in 2007. Although Mass Effect’s interaction has been some of the most in depth and customizable we have ever seen, lets be real, it didn’t effect the ending that much.

The Ghost will also be talking to you way more. Whether you consider that a good or a bad thing is up to you, but anytime a character communicates through voice you will be given their name on the HUD – just to help keep track of whos who.

Nathan Fillion and Nolan North (who is taking over the Ghosts voice) have also been confirmed to join the Destiny cast for The Taken King, which will add to the already talented voice actors in the cast of Destiny.

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