Earlier tonight, Cloud 9 went up against Team Impusle in the regional semifinals. At first, things looked bleak for C9, with TiP leading the series 2-0. But in their third game of the best of 5, C9 had a very fast and easy victory.

Game two went great as well, but game three was completely different.

TiP was pushed up completely into C9’s base via a pushed botlane, with Apollo able to swiftly take down an inhibitor turret, followed by the inhibitor and nearly taking down a nexus turret.

The next ten minutes or so were super stressful, thinking that TiP had the game in the bag. But C9 pulled off an amazing switcharoo to the game and turned the entire thing around. I had taken my eyes off the game for only a few short minutes and when I looked back at my screen, C9 had baron buff and were in TiP’s base. Oh.

GGWP to both teams. Cloud 9 will be moving on to face Team Liquid for a spot at this year’s Worlds, starting October 1st in Paris, France.

We miss you, Meteos :’)

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