Dark Souls is a notoriously hard game, but YouTube madman gbbearzly wants to ramp up the challenge. Having beaten the game with Rock Band’s guitar and drum controllers, as well as Donkey Konga’s bonjo set, his latest feat involves no controllers at all.

Witness the madness of “Voice Souls” in the video below.

Speaking on Reddit, gbbearzly said, “After finishing Dark Souls with a bunch of Rock Band controllers, it was about time to drop the physical controllers and play the game with 0 hands and a microphone. This run was suggested to me many times and I never knew if it would be possible, but after someone showed me a program that did the hard work of voice recognition for me I had to give it a shot.”

Bearzly utilised a tool called VoiceAttack that translates voice commands into keyboard inputs, so by saying “heavy attack” he’d perform a heavy attack, by saying “item” he’d drink an estus flask, and so on.

Controlling a game with your voice is hard enough, but due to a roughly 1.5 second lag in-between speaking the command and having something happen on the screen, he had to plan every move in advance. Finally after 30 hours and 485 deaths, he defeated Gwyn and yet again saw the credits roll.

Bearzly called it by far the hardest run yet, and said he doubt he’ll try anything more insane, but is open to suggestions.

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