Very few details have been released about Destiny’s new level boost in it’s latest expansion, but inside of Bungie’s latest trailer we found a new nugget of info about the one-time consumable in The Taken King.

Earlier today we covered the teaser trailer Bungie uploaded for the upcoming Taken King expansion. In it, Bungie laid out a host of new features coming up from the increased level cap to the new Light system.

They also released new info about the level boost, shown below, called a “LEVEL 25 CHARACTER BOOST.”

Destiny level 25 character boost

This is great news for players that have friends who finally convinced them to try out the game for the first time or for players who left Destiny within the last year and are coming back to try it again. It gives both a chance to be competitive right out of the gate in The Taken King’s new missions, Raids, and Crucible.

It will be interesting to see how that works for players who have toiled over the past year to get their Guardian up to level 34. Can they boost from the current level cap of 20 to 40 with this consumable or will it only work up to level 25? And what about players who have already maxed out all three of their possible characters, will there be any benefit in the character boost to those players?

There’s still not a lot that’s known about the character boost, but Bungie should cover it in their weekly livestreams (the first one starting tomorrow 8/19) that will detail a lot of changes in The Taken King.

UPDATE (8/19): Bungie gave more info about the level boost which we covered here

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Destiny: The Taken King launches September 15th on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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