Since we saw the very first reveal trailer for Fallout 4, people have been griping over what appear to be average visuals for a current generation game. Along with the visuals, people say that the gameplay looks way too similar to Fallout 3 as well. Chief of Marketing Pete Hines gave his thoughts in an interview with Metro UK.

“As with most forms of entertainment, you never get 100 percent agreement on anything,” he said. “And so, at the end of the day, whether it’s what the graphics look like or whether the gameplay is what you want or whether you like the setting, or whatever it is, everybody is entitled to their opinion.”

Even game director Todd Howard said that the graphics were not as good as they could be in Fallout 4, but that it was necessary for the overall game to function better.

Hines also addressed fans’ issues with similar gameplay mechanics as Fallout 3.

“I mean, certainly it ought to look and feel familiar,” he said. “If you played Fallout 3 you ought to be able to see things that are recognizable or similar or whatever. Because we didn’t make a completely different game. But at the same time, when you’re playing it it’s a mix of familiar and different. There are things that are the same and there are things that are very different.”

“If you jump into the game and you play it for an extended period of time you’ll start to feel the differences and how much some things have changed,” he said.

For more information on Fallout 4 leading up to its November 10th release, stay tuned to Gamespresso.

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