Fallout 4 has an absolutely ridiculous amount of buzz about it right now, and for good reason. People have been waiting for Fallout 4 for several years, and the hype only continues to grow. Recently leaked Game footage has been passed all over the internet, popping up everywhere from YouTube to Pornhub; And now, everyone’s favorite Vault-Dweller is appearing on the popular dating app Tinder.

In a very odd marketing move by Bethesda, Vault Boy has made his Tinder debut, with Bethesda offering Tinderites the opportunity to “Date a Dweller”. But what does the 25 year-old Vault Boy have to say on his profile? Like most his age, Vault Boy enjoys “Nuka Cola, putting out fires, taking coffee breaks, and exploring the blasted wasteland”.

Further inspection of Vault Boys profile will direct you to a link to download Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s Fallout-based mobile game. Fallout Shelter gives players the opportunity to act as the overseer of their very own vault, charged with keeping all it’d denizens happy.

Whether you’d swipe right or not on Vault Boy, Fallout 4 will be out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC this November.





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