Gears of War’s former creative director Adrian Chmielarz recently spoke to OXM about how Gears of War Judgment – the 2013 spin-off not developed by Epic Games – was originally intended to be more like the tough-as-nails Dark Souls. Chmielarz had this to say.

“I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to lead Gears of War Judgment for almost two years. My only regret is that the game as released and the game I had in mind are quite different. We knew Judgment was a one-off, so I wanted to use that opportunity to take some risks. I wanted Gears: Dark Souls Edition, a really hard, nerve-racking ‘blood, sweat and tears’ kind of game in which you felt exhausted after a battle.

Could Gears of War do with being a bit more difficult and rewarding or are you happy with the current formula? Personally, I’m not into games in which you die hundreds of times so I’m happy with the final outcome of Gears of War Judgment.

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