gtav - ironman mod featured imageWith its open world nature, Grand Theft Auto V is ripe for fun and interesting modifications, or mods. Such as Trevor being transformed into The Joker, an (almost) fully functioning KITT from Knight Rider and a return of one of its predecessors – Vice City. It’s not always fun and games though, with some mods for the game containing malware.

Well this recent mod, thankfully, falls firmly within the fun and games category. Who hasn’t wished to be a superhero at some point? With JulioNIB’s addition to the game you can now step into the shiny red shoes of Ironman. Though you’re likely to be more of a menace than a superhero.

The abilities on show in the video posted to Youtube (below) are quite impressive. You’re able to fly and have access to many of Ironman’s favourite weapons such as one and two handed Repulsor beams, chest Repulsor beam and missiles.

All in all, it’s a surprisingly true representation of being Ironman, minus the indiscriminate killing of course.