343 Industries took to their blog to explain the changes for Halo 5’s multiplayer. The Halo series has often revolved around the single player experience, but this time 343 Industries is trying to make it multiplayer oriented.

The game, which will have two separate protagonists (Master Chief & Locke) also has fire teams surrounding each main protagonist. If you are the game leader, your friends can join your game and choose which character they want to take control of at anytime during a mission.

Each Spartan comes with a varied HUD. Blue team, which will follow Master Chief, is supposed to have a much more classical feel to it. While Fireteam Osiris will have a new, sleek design. 343 Industries has decided to remove split screen co-op from Halo 5, a decision most people will probably disagree with.

The decision was heavily influenced by gameplay. By making the online co-op a seamless option, the couch co-op suffered. As the team leader, you can give directions to any AI controlled Spartan, much similar to Mass Effects system. You can even revive your team mate, which will give you a second chance during the fight.

Besides giving each Spartan a varied HUD design, you will also find some Spartans are better at certain tasks then others. You won’t have to re-learn each Spartan, but taking advantage of these small differences will surely change the outcome of any fight.

Halo 5 is setting up for a unique style of play, especially comparing to the original trilogy. Although the changes might not seem to be for the better, we will have to see how it pans out later this year.

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