Game Director Dustin Browder, and Game Producer Kaeo Milker for Heroes of the Storm came out to Gamescom today to announce yet another character to the roster.

Medic, from Star Craft I & II, will be joining the rotation of Heroes after Kharazim, Rexxar, and Artanis. Browder and Milker said that the goal is to release a new hero every 3-4 weeks, which equates to a new hero once a month.

The Medic will feature a level 10 ability (ultimate) that can transport you and your team across the map. Once the Medic initiates the ability, a timer begins – your team has until the timer runs out to pile inside the transport, and the Medic can then jump you to any location on the map.

This strategy will allow users to take a team fight, jump to the objective, or perhaps even the boss. The possibilities are endless!

Not many details have been revealed about the Medic besides that, except that she falls into the Star Craft universe and she will be a ranged support.

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