Heroes of the Storm is releasing their second major patch soon, and its already hitting the public test realms(PTR).

Kharazim, the monk from Diablo III, will be joining the roster of characters you can choose from. Being Diablo’s first support hero in Heroes of the Storm, Kharazim’s talent options allow for a DPS build, Healing build, or a hybrid of the two. Kharazim will rely on clever positioning in maps, with Game Director Dustin Browder saying that Kharazim will excel on maps with choke points.
Kharazim will be available with the new patch for Heroes of the Storm.

Along with Kharazim is changes to a large assortment of characters. The full patch notes detail how Blizzard is attempting to balance out characters and give them more viable counter-builds, compared to the cookie cutter builds presented to us right now.


After the patch releases, we should expect to see Infernal Shrines hit the public severs in the weeks that follow. Infernal Shrines is a Diablo themed map, with simple objectives: Capture the shrines, kill 30 guardians before the other team, and summon a Punisher.

Punisher’s will focus on attacking the Heroes more then anything else, so you’ll have to be careful when engaging it. A lot of the changes to characters appear to be rounding them out, most notably is Leoric’s changes, who appears to be getting nerfed.

For those who own Diablo III, Diablo will be given out for free to players. Diablo currently costs 7,000, and players who have previously purchased Diablo will not be getting reimbursed by the looks of things. Malthal’s Phantom will also be given out to those who hit level 70 during a Diablo III season, starting with number 4.

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