Heroes of the Storm latest patch went live yesterday, and with it came the addition of a new hero, modified rank play, changes to almost every character, and a new battleground on the way.

Heroes of the Storm’s modes have changed from ‘Hero League’ and ‘Team League’ to a ranked play where you can queue up with 1-4 players. There is a separate mode for teams of 5, but if you can’t get together 4 of your friends on a regular basis – and lets be real, who can? – then you can find solace in the new ranked play.

Depending on which character you main, you’ll have a different opinion on the new changes. Most notable has been Leoric’s nerfs, which were ultimately a necessity. With changes to each character comes changes to the meta, and we are beginning to see a Murky 1v1 build appear. Murky was previously known for his puffer fish build and having the ability to split push lanes with ease, but with the latest changes, a master league Murky player is boasting he can 1v1 anyone except The Lost Vikings, or Chen.

The addition of Kharazim has created yet another character that requires some attention. Although its predictable for characters to need a bit of balancing once the masses have at it, Kharazim’s ability to stay high on the damage meters and heal 30-40% more then any other healer in the game provides for a bit of a problem.
Kharazim can solo camps and almost, if not, solo the boss with specific builds. Kharazim’s fix will hopefully come into the game soon, but for the time being I’ll enjoy the easy wins.

Infernal Shrines is on the way for Heroes of the Storm, so keep your eye on the game if you want to experience the new battleground!

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