Konami-Office-SmallKonami is once again under scrutiny after Japanese newspaper Nikkei published a report revealing that the development for both Suikoden and Tokimeki Memorial has been halted. It also uncovered mistreatment of employees.

The recently troubled Kojima Productions has reportedly be re-branded as the “8th Production Unit” in March of this year when the issues between the studio and Konami went public. Also, Nikkei reports that Kojima Productions staff have been restricted from using the Internet while at work.

Konami has reportedly spent $80 million on development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Other reports have told us that Hideo Kojima will be leaving the studio after the game launches. Still, the company is still seeking new employees for the next Metal Gear Solid game.

Nikkei also reveals some rather surprising details about the Konami work environment. Employees don’t have individual emails. Departments are given email addresses that consist of random numbers and letters, which are changed every few months. Also, lunch breaks are heavily monitored. Employees must use their time cards and if they do not follow the assigned break times, they are publicly shamed. Konami uses cameras to monitor employees work status and if they do not meet expectations, they may be transferred to assembly work, security duty, or even cleaning the gym.

This year has been busy for Konami in all of the worst ways. The publisher announced the removal of its stock from the New York Stock Exchange in April.

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