Blizzard’s new IP Overwatch is hitting closed Beta this fall. That won’t stop Blizzard from announcing new characters for the roster, and the latest is Lúcio.

Lúcio is a music based support character. With his weapon having a range of abilities, Lúcio’s core gameplay revolves around staying with your team mates.

Lúcio’s ability to Wall Ride gives the character strong mobility. Lúcio’s use of Sonic Amplifier will bounce enemies away, but it doesn’t appear to do much damage. Focusing on his team mates, Lúcio can heal, provide a speed boost, and with Sound Barrier he delivers a powerful AOE protection.

Lúcio’s support style is something that will fit the fast paced action of a game like Overwatch, however one of the downfalls of the character could be peoples tendency to chicken out of fights in which they should be committing. Spotting all of your enemies and having an overall situational awareness is more difficult in a First Person Shooter, but with a bit of experience (and a good team) Lúcio appears to be one of the stronger characters being added to the game.

It’s nice to see Blizzard moving away from a clone of Team Fortress 2 in Overwatch. The company isn’t known for making weak games, and Heroes of the Storm is proof that Blizzard can create a game for a set genre and put a unique spin on things.


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