If there’s one thing the Mad Max films have been clear on, it’s that crazy violence can be as varied as it is stylish, something the newest trailer for Avalanche Studios looks to show off for the upcoming open-world game entry in the franchise.

Throughout the trailer you can given multiple choices as to how to tackle each situation. While it is true, no matter what, the end result is explosions, death, and glorious chaos, its much more about the flavor of the proceedings as you choose between choices like “Go Heavy,” “Go Loud,” or “Go Mad.”

Mad Max is due to hit store shelves on September 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. My little playthrough of the trailer saw my ridiculously gaudy car setting other cars on fire, a sniper battle from long range, and finally a climax in a sandstorm. How about yours? Are you still turned off by the fact the game is based on a film franchise (because that’s worked so well in the past), or are you starting to warm to the idea of roaming the Wastelands in Max’s shoes? Let us know in the comments.

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