Two new Halo 5-themed Xbox One controllers have been made available for pre-order, and damn do they look sexy. Halo 5’s single player campaign is set to focus on two key characters – series veteran Master Chief and newcomer Agent Locke. A controller for each has been designed with their armours aesthetic in mind.

The Master Chief controller is dark green and black with a gold D-pad and triggers, inspired by Chief’s visor.

The Agent Locke controller, on the other hand, reflects the ONI agent’s coloring and armor patterns. On the side of the controller, you can see the initials and numbers of the four Spartans that Agent Locke is pursuing in the game (John, Fred, Kelly, and Linda).

Personally, the Agent Locke controller looks more badass, but let me know what you think. These controllers will cost $70 each, whereas the normal Xbox One controllers cost about $60.


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