Several review outlets have confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has micro-transactions used online.

The PvP mode F.O.B tasks players with using resources they earn or collect during the campaign to build their own Forward Operating Base (Hence F.O.B) that can then be invaded or attacked by other players. However, to first participate in this players have to first purchase their own plot off-shore, which can be done by using real-world money to purchase MB Coins.

Initially thought of as a “paywall” locking potential players out, this has since been confirmed by Konami (via GameSpot) that the purchase of MB Coins is not the only way to access the F.O.B modes. Their official statement is that the mode will be”fully accessible at launch and the microtransaction layer to that specific feature in the game primarily acts as an accelerator.” There will be also be more information from Konami at launch.

Kenichiro Imaizumi, Konami producer, also took to Twitter to clarify the presence of micro-transactions in The Phantom Pain. He stated that MB Coins can come from multiple places in-game and can also be earned by the player, rather than bought.

However, as the game is only available to reviewers until release on September 1st, reviewers have been unable to properly access the online to determine how much MB Coins will physically cost or fully review the F.O.B mode and how the micro-transactions present in Metal Gear Solid V will affect the gameplay.

Konami have also said that Metal Gear Online will be completely accessible and won’t cost anything extra despite not launching till October 6 for consoles or January 2016 for PC players, in similar fashion to the original launch of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Metal Gear Solid V is currently garnering rave reviews despite this confusion, with outlets giving it perfect 10’s and calling it amazing. Are you looking forward to playing it come September? Let us know in the comments!

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