Earlier today, Team SoloMid went up against Team Gravity in an intense best of 5. TSM dominated game 1 with a win, taking their first turret just after 3 minutes, and their second after 8 minutes.

Gravity won the second one after dragging out the match but all hope was not lost, because by the time game 3 came on, our old TSM was back. Dyrus completely wrecked Gravity with his Olaf, and he did the same with the fourth match, which TSM won as well.

Team SoloMid won the best of 5 3-1, which was just one loss less than my prediction of 3-2, knowing that Gravity would put up a good fight. And a good fight was definitely put up.

In the interview after the match, Dyrus stated that he feels so confident that even if he gets beaten in lane, he knows that his team can still carry.

GGWP to both teams. The next NA LCS game is August 15th 12PM pst with Counter Logic Gaming facing off with Team Impulse.

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