EA presented us with lots of exciting news on FIFA 16 at their Gamescom press conference yesterday. One of the major new additions to the game is FUT Draft – a new way to play the ever-popular FIFA Ultimate Team.

In FUT Draft, players can choose from a group of five players for each position in their team. Do you choose the best players who may not gel together, or will you prefer to find chemistry and links between weaker players? Ultimately, you can build a strong team, or have a group of the best individuals who may not perform well together. As Gary Neville says in the new ‘banter’ trailer, “you don’t have to like each other to work well together”. For those who don’t know, Gary and Jamie Carragher work together on Sky Sports as pundits during the football season, but they tend not to get on in no small part due to the fact that they used to play for rival clubs.

Personally, I am more excited by the tweaks being made to Career Mode. One such change is a new training system – a feature players have been asking for – which allows managers to put their players on certain training drills to improve necessary attributes. These can be played or simulated. Younger players with potential will grow faster than any other type of player. There’s a handful of other minor but important changes that we’ll go into in more depth at a later date, but for now FIFA 16 looks set to be a revolutionary instalment in the series.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzogfrv-WUw]

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