On the Chinese version of Kickstarter, a new console has appeared and it might seem fairly familiar. At first glance, you may notice it essentially combines the designs of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also, the controller shown looks nearly identical to the Xbox One controller.

This new console is named Ouye, not to be confused with the recent Razer acquisition, the Ouya. Similar to the Ouya, the Ouye is an Android-based console. The goal for the campaign is $15,000 with a price point of $70 for a console with a single controller.

Amusingly, the company behind the console stated they had spent over a year perfecting the “unique design”. Apparently, the Chinese community is reacting negatively to the blatant ripoff. This may be one of many consoles to come from China in the near future as the country’s ban on video game consoles just lifted in July.

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