fable legendsLionhead Studios has released the above teaser image for Fable Legends with a promise that they’ll be revealing something big this coming week. The image above was posted to Lionhead’s Twitter account with the statement “It’s teaser time! Who could it be?”

As well, Lionhead’s website stated, ”

If you’re heading to the show this year, be sure to join us in the Xbox area to get hands on with Fable Legends and, of course, to meet some of the team! Oh, and did we mention we’ve got capes to give away? Yep, we’ve got capes. For those not going to Gamescom, we’ve got something pretty cool coming your way next week as well…” What exactly this means is something we’ll have to wait for, but the announcement sounds pretty big, especially if they’re not making mention of it at Gamescon.

This year Gamescon is being held in Bologne, Germany. Lionhead Studios is going to have a playable demo of their latest PC and Xbox One game for those attending. As well, the game is most likely to be featured during Microsoft’s Game Briefing.

If you’d like to watch the stream, you can watch it on Tuesday, August 4th at 7 P.M. PDT or 10 A.M. EDT. The event will be streamed on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and on Xbox.com.

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