Many fans of Nintendo were quite surprised when they heard the announcement in March that the veteran video game company would begin developing games for mobile devices. Scott Moffitt, an executive at Nintendo of America, discussed the move with Examiner.

“We can’t deny the massive install base of smartphones out there, and some fans that aren’t old enough yet to afford their own gaming console, perhaps for those consumers they can start to appreciate some of our content and build a relationship with some of our characters and our franchises,” Moffitt stated. “We feel it’s going to be an additive to our console business.” To avoid the fear of Nintendo moving towards the mobile market and straying away from regular console games, the next system, codenamed NX, was announced on the same day. “It was important for us to reinforce to our loyal game fans out there that we remain committed to the world of dedicated game platforms.”

Considering Nintendo is not the type of company to tease games or systems, unless they are ready to be seen in at least early stages, the company may have not announced the NX yet, if it were not to prove they were committed to home consoles.

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