It is no secret that sales of the Nintendo Wii U have been less than expected, especially when compared to the miraculous success of the Wii. In the past few months, however, things seem to be turning around for the Big N, especially in Japan.

In a report from DualShockers, it seems that sales for the Wii U have had a steady increase. This has led to the console passing the 2.5 million units mark in Japan. Since the Nintendo Wii U reached the 2 million units mark in November, this means that the console has sold about 500,000 units in the past 8 months. That isn’t too bad for a device in its third year on the shelves.

Many believe that a major reason for the low Wii U sales are due to a lack of great software. The success of the new Splatoon game may account for an increase in sales. Perhaps Nintendo will see another surge with the announced Star Fox Zero a new Legend of Zelda.

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