Released in 2013, Pro Evolution Soccer’s (PES) online servers will be shutting down November 17th. With server shutdowns becoming more and more popular when a games player base dips, PES 2014 is making room for new the two newer versions of the games.

With PES 2015 alive and well, PES 2016 will be launching before the shut down of the PES 2014 servers. PES 2016 releases Septembre 15th. With annual releases of most sports games, it’ll be interesting to see if Konami continues to shut down the online servers 2 years after release.

One of the most memorable server shut down was back in 2010, when Microsoft turned off all of the original Xbox servers. Halo 2’s multiplayer servers were still widely used, to the point where 14 Halo 2 players kept connected to the servers, and Microsoft never booted them off. (The last man was forcibly disconnected almost a month later.)

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