Duck Hunt and Heroes of the Storm fans will be equally happy with the latest patch to Blizzard’s MOBA.

Not content with just making changes to the game by combining the two modes of ranked play and adding a new character, Blizzard have sneaked in a playable version of Duck Hunt in the background of the main menu.

As is the trend with all new characters in Heroes of the Storm, the main menu has been themed to fit the newest character, Kharazim. The main monk from Diablo III. However, clicking the set of stylized trees next to his portrait allow players to begin a version of Duck Hunt within the menu, as this Heroes Nexus video shows below.

Barely animated ducks fly out of the trees and you can take aim at them one at a time. You click them to fire (and you fire incredibly slowly) so you need to be accurate and precise – much like Duck Hunt. Your targets are marked with a little white square, and the vilified dog has been replaced with a treasure goblin to pick up your kill.

This was clearly intended as sheer fun, as this addition hasn’t yet been included in the patch notes. They detail the other changes to the game, including new player rewards at levels 12 and 70, portrait rewards and details on the combination of the two ranked play game modes. You can read the full notes for an overview of Kharazim and all the tweaks here.

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