A while ago, file scavengers managed to find out that Octolings might become a playable race in Splatoon. A player has managed to locate these files and use them to play as the Octolings; sworn enemy of the Squidlings. Named Nikki, the player showed off a video with the Octoling gameplay online.

The Octoling will play very much like the Squidlings and will only be a cosmetic change, with the octopus tendrils for hair and the transformation in ink to be an octopus instead of a squid.

The way that this was done was through editing the save file in the game in order to swap out the models. This exploit has a downside however, upon ending the match and going back to the plaza as an Octoling, the entire game will freeze.

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this feature as being true but it was discovered not only in the files with fully functioning textures, animations and models, but has similar facial reactions to the Squidlings that had come out in the latest update to Splatoon.

The Octolings are way more adorable than the Squidlings and it’ll be an exciting variety change for the game, now we just need hair customization!

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