Grow Home, a Ubisoft published 3D platformer, is set to release on PS4 next month. Ubisoft recently made the announcement that the game would be releasing on Sony’s platform on September 1.

The game revolves around a robot that grows a plant in order to climb into the sky. It originally released on PC back in February by studio Ubisoft Reflections.

Grow Home has been in the news recently due to Sony’s announced Vote to Play program. Sony recently announced that players will now be able to vote on games that they would like to see become free downloads through PlayStation Plus. This started on August 13 and currently includes Grow Home, Armello, and Zombie Vikings. The winning game will be free this September, with voting being done directly through the PlayStation Store on PS4.

Are you excited to play Grow Home on a console? Want it to be a Plus freebie? Let us know in the comments! For all things gaming, keep checking back with Gamespresso.

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