Shovel Knight is a great indie game that has captured the 8-bit and 2-dimensional charm of popular NES games, such as Kid Icarus and Mega Man. The character himself has also been right at the top on many of many Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. ballots for characters who should be added to the game.

There have been rumors to Shovel Knight being confirmed for the game and getting his own Amiibo, but now it appears we have even more evidence than before. UK game retailer, Game Brighton, tweeted out an image stating that the Shovel Knight Amiibo would be out on November 27th. The tweet also stated that it would work for numerous games and be able to unlocked “explicit content.”

The tweet was recently deleted, but thankfully it was captured by Siloconera. Are you excited to get more Shovel Knight fun? Let us know.

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