The Smach Zero is another nail in the coffin for the stark differences between PC and console gaming.

Previously called the “Steamboy Project,” the Smach Zero is a portable device that will allow PC players to carry their Steam library around in their pocket. The handheld will launch in Q4 of next year, with pre-sale starting November 10th. A Pre-order price of $299 has been announced, but this is strictly for pre-orders; later adopters should expect to pay a little more.

The Smach Zero brings a wide variety of features that should accommodate many players’ wishes. It comes with 4GB RAM, 32GB internal on-board storage, 720p touchscreen display, HDMI output and both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Being a Steam Machine, the handheld is naturally running on Valve’s SteamOS, designed specifically with games in mind.

Smach Zero

The console itself feels like the offspring of a PlayStation Vita and Steam’s controller. The screen is flanked by two circle pads and four buttons on each side – these are configurable to fit different playstyles and game needs.

The company behind the Smach Zero currently have sign-ups to newsletters available for information about going live. You can find their site here.

Ultimately it will be interesting to see how this newest venture in portable PC gaming will play out.

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