Until Dawn released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 this week. Some players who had preordered the game digitally are facing an error that does not allow them to play the game. Sony has given a “possible” workaround for the error, though some are claiming it does not work.

Here is the possible fix as published on the PlayStation Support forums:

  1. Navigate to the item on the PlayStation Store
  2. Purchase the free version of Until Dawn (or if you have that already, another free game/item such as Singstar)
  3. Download the file to your system (if the file is already downloaded and installed, please skip this step and move too step 4)
  4. Use the Restore Licenses option by navigating to Settings >> PlayStation Network/Account Management >> Restore Licenses
  5. Attempt to boot the game. If the game still does not boot at this point, delete the file, re-download and repeat step 4

There are a number of people saying that the fix above did solve the issue that they were facing. Others, however, have stated that the workaround does not help them at all, and are requesting a refund.

Until Dawn is available on the PlayStation 4. The game was originally meant to be a PlayStation 3 title with PlayStation Move capabilities, but was re-revealed as a PlayStation 4 title last year. Until Dawn has met mostly positive reviews so far.

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