Lots of things happened in game 2 of the fight for third place between Team Impulse and Team Liquid.

TL’s bans are Nidalee, Azir and Kalista again. TiP bans Vayne, Alistar and Tristana. The early game is relatively slow, but TiP’s Rush gets first blood on Quas in the bot lane with an assist from Impact under turret. At 11:45 Quas tteleports in Toplane in response to Impact’s ultimate with Shen and is able to get a kill, but IWillDominate goes down along with Xpecial and only Apollo on TiP dying. Rush’s Elise is now 4-0. 14 minutes, the score is 4-1.
14 minutes, the score is 4-1.

At 15:50 in bot lane, Rush and Impact get TiP’s 5th and 6 kills after bringing down Piglet and Xpecial. TiP then gets bot turret and the game’s first dragon. Piglet kills Impact and Rush gets his 6th kill after killing off Xpecial at 17 minutes. TiP now has a 6k gold advantage. Rush gets a SEVENTH kill killing Quas. It was not K (cos Gangplank). Quas later kills Gate after he teleports in and was nearly able to get a double kill with his ultimate.

22:47, TiP get’s their second dragon and TL responds by taking top turret. The score is 8-3 in favor of TiP. Piglet is looking bad now, dying again bot lane thanks to a 3v1 after Impact ults in to Apollo. 27 minutes, Fenix gets a double kill, but TL is catching up quickly, rushing midlne and taking two turrets. 10-5 for TiP, and honestly, it could be anyone’s game at this point. As long as TL plays smart, they could possibly win this one. TiP secure baron, while Dominate and Xpecial die seconds after. Bot lane gets pushed insanely well thanks to baron buff on TiP’s part. TiP is able to push into TL’s base, killing off four people. At 37:50, just to BM, Apollo kills FeniX in his fountain and aces the team before taking the nexus and winning game 2.

TSM’s Dyrus and WildTurtle sit with Dash and speak with him about the series and the hype about them playing in the finals. It’s TSM’s 6th time being in the finals, last year having faced C9 and winning.


”The way Impact and Rush play dictates how the game will be won”

– Dyrus in regards to how the series are going so far (talking about game 1).

”I love playing with Soraka and I hate playing against Soraka”

– Turtle when asked what his thoughts are about Soraka in botlane.

WildTurlte proceeds to say that he is feeling nervous about their match against CLG, but will be going  in confident. Dyrus says the crowd knows who the underdog is (referring to CLG).
WildTurtle and Dyrus start chanting TSM while Dash is talking. Nice job, boys.